This call’s purpose is to attract new players into the world of Earth Observation form space. EOEI supports entrepreneurs’ innovative ideas that are using Earth Observation (EO) data that have the potential to influence and change our society in the fields of business needs and advances in digital technologies into new growth opportunities for Europe. ESA will be awarding 50 Innovation Vouchers worth 15,000 EURO to new players in the entrepreneur field! Registration is possible until 19 June, 2016 12:00 CET. You can register for EOEI through here.

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Campus party Utrecht

Campus Party is a creativity, science, digital entertainment and entrepreneurship festival that brings together young geeks and aspiring entrepreneurs. The fourth edition of Campus Party will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands on May 25-29. During this festival, there will be networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs who are interested in digital technology along with diverse activities such as; workshops, hackatons and competitions in the topics of the festival. During this event, the Space Business Innovation Centre and Verhaert will show a 3D tour in the International Space Station and promote their entrepreneurial activities! Interested?


NL Space Acceleration at the European Space Solutions, June 1

The NL Space Acceleration’s aim is to help today’s innovators to turn space technology into new uses in order to contribute to global challenges. The NL Space Acceleration’s community gives selected companies access to expertise and resources of Dutch space industry in order for innovators to develop new solutions in the non-space sectors. During the European Space Solutions (ESS), in the World Forum, NL Space Acceleration will be present and focus on the opportunities offered by the EU’s Copernicus Masters and Galileo programs .To gain more information about their program click here. Participation for this event is limited, so registration is mandatory!


European Satellite Navigation Competition 2016

Each year, European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) awards innovators for their services, products, or business cases that use Navigation Satellite Systems in everyday life. This year’s prizes for ESNC is worth a total of EUR 1 million, which includes cash prizes, business incubation, business coaching, patent consulting, technical support, and much more! Apply and complete your idea before June 30 to compete in ESNC! To register and apply, click here! The award ceremony for ESNC will take place in the autumn of 2016. To get more information about ESNC and the competition itself, you can click here.


Copernicus Masters Competition 2016

The Copernicus program is an initiative by the European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA), which is known to be the most ambitious Earth observation program to date. Copernicus holds the Copernicus Masters Competition, where the aim is to award creators of innovative ideas and solutions in the field of earth observation. The winner will receive 20,000 in cash and a satellite data package, which is being provided with the financial support from the European Commissions. The registration for the competition is open until July 18. To register, click here! The winners of Copernicus Masters will be announced in an award festival on October 25, 2016. To get more information about Copernicus Masters, click here.


ESA BIC Noordwijk

ESA Business Incubation Centre in Noordwijk, The Netherlands was opened in 2004 and offers business support to start-up’s along with technical expertise in most of the areas of space technology. ESA BIC Noordwijk has current and former start-up companies in many fields such as; entertainment, environment, health, software systems, telecommunications, and much more! ESA BIC Noordwijk is located in close vicinity with ESTEC and ESA, which gives the start up companies to enjoy the rich and expiring environment of these two companies. To get more information about ESA BIC Noordwijk, click here. To contact ESA BIC Noordwijk, contact Martijn Seijger at


Esa Technology broker

Verhaert Netherlands is the Dutch partner for ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO). Our aim is to help companies and entrepreneurs to innovate, creating new products and business based on space technology. Our specific approach is aimed at bringing supply & demand together in the space and non-space sectors. We can do more than only establish the 'handshake': we can help create concrete opportunities and continue them through the innovation funnel of feasibility, demonstration and incubation.



Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk
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T: +31 (0)71 - 20 20 307